Eco-bricks: Creating value from waste

Led by project partner Groupe Senghor, members of the community – primarily the youth – created eco-bricks from the waste they collected in the area around the lake. These eco-bricks were then used to build benches around the lake, enhancing the appearance and livability of the area.
Eco-bricks are an innovative way to transform plastic waste into construction material. Soft plastic rubbish is collected and pressed into plastic bottles, creating a solid “brick” that can be used for construction.
Involving school children in this project – collecting waste and transforming it into value – is a fun and effective way of teaching children not only about the problem of waste, but also of providing them with concrete actions that they can take to address the waste problem in their community.

What to do with all this waste? Eco-bricks – a handy solution.

Eco-bricks are made from PET plastic bottles and filled with garbage.

Once finished, the eco-bricks can be used in construction.

Engaging the community in re-using waste is a powerful tool for education and raising awareness.

Eco-bricks ready for construction.

As well as removing the need for commercially produced bricks, eco-bricks reduce the amount of cement required for construction.

Can you see the bottle caps? This is value-added garbage!

Urban eco-brick furniture improves the quality of life in urban areas.

The proud manufacturers of the eco-bricks.