Testimonials: Community feedback for the project

Following the successful completion of the pilot project in Bene Baraque, community representatives were asked for feedback on project activities. The testimonials provide evidence of the project’s effectiveness and is also key to the project’s evaluation process, making it possible to review and improve all activities to make sure that each successive stage of implementation is better than the ones before. The community feedback was very positive, praising in particular the project’s community-centred and integrated approach.

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Mariama Diallo, president of the "Association of groups promoting women":

"The project 'Live with water' has encouraged many of us to have a stronger spirit of initiative. It has not given us everything on a silver plate, but it has informed us and given us ideas about what we can do in our vulnerable situation. [...] The community is now working with this mind-set.

André Honoré Mbengue, chairman of the “Movement for the Emergence of Yembeul”:

“The project BRACED 'Live with water' has completely changed our view on the lakes. Before the project, the lakes were a source of problems. [...] Today, thanks to the concept 'Live with water', the lakes have been transformed to a source of public good, with green spaces and places where you can walk and do recreational activities."

Fatimata Dya MBODJ, resident next to the new road:

"The consultations that you held allowed us to participate in tracing and securing the road with all interested parties [...]. We said to ourselves: finally a real development project that involves the beneficiaries by providing them with all the technical details and that doesn’t hesitate to adapt to the concerns and shared views of the beneficiaries.