Action day: Urban gardening and greening

The action day urban gardening and greening was held to revitalise the banks of the lake, make them safe for the residents and create a new source of income for women from the quartier. The banks of the lake were planted with vetiver grass to stabilise the soil and the new, waste-free zones along the lake’s edge were turned into market garden plots for planting herbs. The community strongly supports this local market gardening initiative as it generates income within the area and improved nutrition.

The waste free zones – can’t we use this space? The inhabitants have the solution - to plant "Nana", a local mint.

Local market gardeners explain the agricultural and economic system of planting "Nana".

First the banks of the lakes have to be secured and the slope softened so that no one falls in by accident.

Vetiver is planted to secure and strengthen the banks.

Participants of the action day plan vetiver to secure and strengthen the banks.

With its deep roots vetiver prevents the erosion of the soil.

Sand is delivered to construct the beds for urban gardening around the lake.

Digging the market garden plots during the action day.

Marking the areas which are to be used for the urban gardening plots.

The chef du quartier helps prepare the ground for the market gardens.

The plots are watered to prepare them for planting.

The action day focused on involving unemployed youth...

... and women.

The result: income for market gardeners and improved nutrition for the whole community!