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Mariama Diallo, President of the “Association of groups promoting women”:

“The project ‘Live with water’ has encouraged many of us to have a stronger spirit of initiative. It has not given us everything on a silver plate, but it has informed us and given us ideas about what we can do in our vulnerable situation. […] The community is now working with this mind-set.

André Honoré Mbengue, Chairman of the “Movement for the Emergence of Yembeul”:

“The project BRACED ‘Live with water’ has completely changed our view on the lakes. Before the project, the lakes were a source of problems. […] Today, thanks to the concept ‘Live with water’, the lakes have been transformed to a source of public good, with green spaces and places where you can walk and do recreational activities.”

Fatimata Dya MBODJ, Pesident next to the new road:

“The consultations that you held allowed us to participate in tracing and securing the road with all interested parties […]. We said to ourselves: finally a real development project that involves the beneficiaries by providing them with all the technical details and that doesn’t hesitate to adapt to the concerns and shared views of the beneficiaries.