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Inauguration: New names for the resilient quartier

by | Aug 15, 2014

An inauguration ceremony was held in Bene Baraque to celebrate the successful completion of the pilot and formally hand over the project to the community. The event was well attended by the community, project partners, elders from the quartier and politicians. As part of the ceremony, new names were unveiled for key spaces within the community: the main street, central area and the lake. These names were chosen collectively by the community and included important cultural figures, such as the Senegales author Mariama Ba.

Elders from Bene Baraque attending the inauguration ceremony celebrating the successful completion of the pilot.

Unveiling of the sign naming the lake “Cheikt Anta Diop”. The lake is named after a renowned Senegalese academic and political figure.

The newly reclaimed public space in Bene Baraque was named for Mariama Ba, a respected Senegalese author.