Action day: Zero Waste

The project pilot’s first “Action Day: Zero Waste” brought together over 100 young people and around 70 children from Bene Baraque over the last weekend in June, 2014 to collect waste around two local lakes. The pilot weekend provided an opportunity for the community to learn and communicate with each other about the impact of rubbish on flooding and about ways to create value from waste.

Everyone gets involved. Since everyone wants to take part, it’s also fun.

Waste accumulated over decades - definitely no easy task.

The waste collection seems to be endless.

Stéphan Senghor, the CEO of partner Groupe Senghor supports a group of women while cleaning up. These women later joined a group who received training in waste collection and management.

Children fill empty plastic bottles with soft plastic waste. These will later be used as eco bricks for constructing urban furnishings within the community.

A girl helps free the shoreline from waste to make space for later urban greening.

Waste is separated into hard and soft plastic with the aid of a sieve.

Children clean the area from the waste which was brought in by residents to protect houses from flooding. The large amount of rubbish means that children often have a hard time finding public spaces to play in.

Women and young people work together to put waste into bags.

After waste has been collected, children help carrying it away.

Waste is taken to the separation and recycling centre.

The separated waste is transported outside the community for recycling.

Zero Waste Action Day two: The lakes also have to be cleaned.

….this also requires some hard work.

Bene Baraque lake Cheikh Anta Diop after cleaning.

Participants in the cleaning action receive t-shirts as thank-you.

The zero waste world-cup champions!